Download Oversec 1.3.18 App For windows 10 8 7

Download Oversec 1.3.18 App For windows 10 8 7

Oversec For Windows Feature

Download Oversec for PC windows 10 8 7

Many times, we require the mobile applications on the smartphones. The reason to download Oversec for PC can be any. As the applications are meant for smartphones, we have to use android emulators to make it work on PC. So here we will tell you the way to install this messaging application on the Computers, Laptops, Windows PC, windows 10, 8 and windows 7.

Follow the given steps to install Oversec for windows

  1. Download any good android emulators. we recomended you to chose Bluestacks that works well with windows 10 8 7 or Nox App Player which is also a good Android Player works well with Windows .
  2. Once installed, open it and Download Oversec 1.3.18 Fo windows 10 8 7 by following this link Download Oversec 1.3.18 For windows
  3. Now. Open the .exe of application file inside the Android Emulator. Just dooble click it and the aplication will start installing automaticly.
  4. You can now use Oversec app for windows on the android emulator.

In the case of any problem when Download Oversec 1.3.18 App For windows 10 8 7, you can write to me. I will solve it as soon as possible.

Oversec transparently encrypts and decryptsany text in any app

You can use it to exchange private encrypted and covert chat- oremail messages or store your own encrypted notes on yourphone.

See our demo videos:
Encrypting Emails:[]
Encrypting Images:[]

Oversec is completely agnostic of the subjacent app, it works withWhatsapp™, Line™, Snapchat™, Instagram™ or any other chat app. Italso supports sending and receiving PGP encrypted messages with theGmail™ or any other Email app.

End-to-End Encryption was yesterday. Oversec introduces”Eye-to-Eye” encryption. Encrypted data is only decrypted whileit is shown on the screen! No clear text is ever persisted andthus cannot be extracted from the file system or accidentally bebacked up into the cloud.

We also carefully designed Oversec so that it doesn’t requireinternet access. Because of that, you can rest assured that nodecrypted information can ever leave your device.

How it works:

Oversec constantly monitors the text on your screen. When it findsan encrypted text, it tries to decrypt it and then shows thedecrypted text as an overlay in place of the encrypted text.Conversely, it can read text out of an input field, encrypt it, andthen put the encrypted text back into the input field.

In order to encrypt a text, Oversec shows a button next to anactive input field. After having entered the secret text, tappingthat button makes Oversec read the text, encrypt it and put backthe encrypted text into the field. It is now ready to be sent inthe subjacent app as usual – the app doesn’t even know that it issending encrypted data!

Oversec also features a unique way of encoding the encryptedmessages. It stores the encrypted text in invisible (zero-width)characters and let’s you add decoy text at the end. That way, amessage will just show e.g. “The sun is shining!” with no visiblesign of any encryption, whereas in reality it contains a hiddenencrypted message.

You may also encrypt and send photos through Oversec – its uniquecamera mode even allows you to take and send an encrypted photowithout ever storing the original photo on the device.

Oversec encrypts your data either using symmetric keys (usingChaCha20 cipher + Poly1305 MAC ) or using asymmetric PGP encryption(making use of the OpenKeychain app[]).

The encryption related code is open source and can be found here:

This app uses Accessibility services.

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What is Oversec app

App Name Oversec
Package Name
Version 1.3.18
Rating 4.3 ( 111 )
Size 4.7 MB
Requirement Android 4.3 and up
Updated 2017-11-21
Installs 5,000 - 10,000

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