Download [RockChip] MyMTCService (RK3188 / PX3 / PX5)  App For windows 10 8 7

Download [RockChip] MyMTCService (RK3188 / PX3 / PX5) App For windows 10 8 7

[RockChip] MyMTCService (RK3188 / PX3 / PX5) For Windows Feature

Download [RockChip] MyMTCService (RK3188 / PX3 / PX5) for PC windows 10 8 7

Many times, we require the mobile applications on the smartphones. The reason to download [RockChip] MyMTCService (RK3188 / PX3 / PX5) for PC can be any. As the applications are meant for smartphones, we have to use android emulators to make it work on PC. So here we will tell you the way to install this messaging application on the Computers, Laptops, Windows PC, windows 10, 8 and windows 7.

Follow the given steps to install [RockChip] MyMTCService (RK3188 / PX3 / PX5) for windows

  1. Download any good android emulators. we recomended you to chose Bluestacks that works well with windows 10 8 7 or Nox App Player which is also a good Android Player works well with Windows .
  2. Once installed, open it and Download [RockChip] MyMTCService (RK3188 / PX3 / PX5) Fo windows 10 8 7 by following this link Download [RockChip] MyMTCService (RK3188 / PX3 / PX5) For windows
  3. Now. Open the .exe of application file inside the Android Emulator. Just dooble click it and the aplication will start installing automaticly.
  4. You can now use [RockChip] MyMTCService (RK3188 / PX3 / PX5) app for windows on the android emulator.

In the case of any problem when Download [RockChip] MyMTCService (RK3188 / PX3 / PX5) App For windows 10 8 7, you can write to me. I will solve it as soon as possible.

In the Android All-in-One Unit using the RockChip CPU (RK3188 / PX3 / PX5), using the steering wheel remote control
This app is designed to help you control your system easily and help you to drive safely.

(*) Function list

1. Use the remote control to control the start / next / previous / pause / stop commands for the music program.
    – The following players are controlled by dedicated commands. (Will be added on a continuous basis upon request.)
     => Famous apps in Korea : Melon, Bugs, Naver Music, GomAudio, Soribada, Alsong, Genie Music, Olle Music, Milk for samsung, Maven Player, Musico, Mnet, PlayerPro
=> World-famous apps : JetAudio(plus), PowerAMP
– Other players can be controlled using media signals.
    – It is possible to play instantly with the remote control handle as a representative player designation. (Apps with some unsupported apps can only run)

2. It shows the playback information about the music being played by using the floating window.
– You can open the player by double-click.
    – Player support for most standard music information
– It also supports the radio frequency information being played.
– Default music players are supported if xposed-mtc-music is installed.

3. You can run / switch frequently used apps with handle remote control by providing favorite list function using pop-up window.
    – Pop up / move forward with MODE key
    – Move to front / back with volume key, selectable with MUTE key

4. Volume control function and replace the volume bar.
    – Volume control at boot
    – Circular volume bar for volume control (RED, BLUE, GREEN theme selection applied)

5. Screen brightness control
– Control screen brightness at boot
– Use the sunrise / sunset times to automatically control screen brightness.
    – Automatic screen brightness control for rear camera operation
      (*) Especially when you set the screen dark at night, the rear camera is also dark.

6. Automatically launch the navigation app
    – Network connection (WIFI or 3G) automatically executes the navigation program.
     (Since it can not be used normally if the network is not connected)

7. When the last program executed at boot time
    – This will remove some of the inconvenient features you know only those who have used it.

8. Front camera automatic switching function
– Displays the front camera for 10 seconds after using the rear camera with the AV-IN function.

9. Added OBD connection function (function in xposed-mtc-manager)
– Thank you MVG-V70

(*) System Requirements
1. It works only with some custom ROMs. (Such as Malaysk and Booroondook)
2. Requires root authority. (Required for controlling some music programs)
3. Supports Android 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x
4. Only devices with MCU version MTC series (MTCB / MTCC / MTCD / MTCE) are available.
5. Xposed Installer must be installed.
6. Notification access must be enabled.
7. Use Location Services. (Used for brightness control according to sunrise / sunset time)
8. Accessibility rights must be set.

(*) Basic button interlock function
1. NEXT / PREVIOUS: Move to next / previous music songs, Act as channel flipping on genuine radio, Auto play / play music (if no apps work)
2. VOL UP / DOWN: Volume up / down control, forward / back in favorite window
3. Mode (MODE): Run your favorite app and move forward
4. MUTE: Music / Radio pause

(*) Required privilege
– INTERNET: Use to check the network availability.
– SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: Use to display favorite, music playback information.
– Accessibility: Control music player
– WRITE_SETTINGS : Used to adjust the brightness of the screen.
– ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Use to find the sunrise / sunset time.
– WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Used to read / write environment setting values

(*) Download ROM Configuration File (settings.ini)
– Settings -> System settings -> Select Configuration File
■ Version 1.1.0
1. Optimized support for music information display of internal Music, Radio and Bluetooth music on PX5 device
2. Add app shutdown protection (white list) in sleep mode
3. Supports display of more music app playback information…
– Please install music plug-in (Sponsored App). (Android 5.0 or later)
4. Improvement of abnormally terminated in genuine ROM(s)

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